Ruby Church of the Nazarene
Men's Ministry

Historically and biblically, men have been essential to the fulfillment of the Church's mission and the spreading of the gospel. Men have served in crucial positions of leadership in all areas of ministry, clergy and lay, domestic and international. Nazarene Men's Ministries follow in that tradition by affirming, teaching, modeling, informing, and inspiring men of all ages and nationalities for meaningful Kingdom service. Today, men are becoming more aware to their spiritual needs and God's call upon their lives. They are systematically gathering to seek God's will and counsel. Nazarene Men's Ministry is committed to touching that need with resources and support. (see 

Women's Ministry

Our Women's Ministry encourages women to grow in Christlikeness, discover and use their spiritual gifts, love and serve others, and to reflect the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ in every aspect of life.